What’s *NOT* on the Menu

In Los Angeles and California two important advances in food politics are taking place. Last month, the LA City Council unanimously passed a one year moratorium on new fast food chains opening in South LA communities. This is significant since these hoods have the highest concentration of such outlets and accordingly have the highest obesity rates in county. The second important advancement is SB 1420, which would make all fast food chains post calorie and other nutritional information on their menu boards. These two developments are important starts in transitioning away from the unhealthy and reckless eating offered to us by irresponsible corporations. Just think, if you were to see the massive amount of calories on a menu board, you might think twice before you say “Gimmie an order of Big Ass Fries! And put some chili cheese on it if you know what’s good for ya!”

A group of intelligent, energetic, and hope inspiring teens aren’t waiting for SB 1420 to pass though. They are taking the fight right to the fast food chains now. Starting tomorrow, a boycott organized by the teens will be in effect on such eateries in South LA and Baldwin Park until nutritional information is posted on menus. Jettisoning notions that teens don’t care about what they eat, or care much about anything, these young people could teach all of us a thing or two about caring for our health and community. The greatest gesture of solidarity would be to join their boycott even if you don’t live in Baldwin Park or South LA. So do it!

And as a last point, someone give me a good reason why there are no Chick-fil-A’s in the hood? That’s some straight up bullshit!


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