Johnny McMansions!

In Pastor Rick Warren’s “Civil Forum,” Presumptive Republican Presidential Candidate John McCain defined the “rich” as those who make 5 million a year! (Note to all you 1-4 Million per year income plebs, welcome to McCain’s restorative middle class!) But back here on planet reality, I drive down my neighborhood these days only to see more bank owned foreclosed homes than I ever have. So while working people are struggling to survive, smug rich white men can chuckle about the definition of rich in a mega-church – with McCain getting all philosophical by pondering the fact that “some of the richest people I know are unhappy” no less! That must be some of that “purpose-driven” character that holds that so long as some rich people are psychologically unhappy, the toiling classes can continue to materially eat shit!

Notwithstanding such nonsense, the fine folks over at Brave New Films have released a video on the Real McCain’s economic elitism. While Obama somehow gets stuck with the pejorative, McCain is truly out of touch with the economic realities of everyday working people. Robert Greenwald and friends offer the following argumentative collage bringing the voices of foreclosed dreams against the cold housing policy positions articulated by McCain who with his mega-rich wife jet sets across the nation to stay at any of their ten lavish mansions. And as always, the ethic of Brave New Films is grassroots dispersal, so please share this video with any and all who might and might not be interested.


One response to “Johnny McMansions!

  1. Señor San Blogman
    Very well written blog eh–! I wish I had visited sooner, now I have to play catch up [well maybe not entirely]
    Keep up the great writings :o)

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