Ice, Ice, Maybe

There is something tremendously unnerving about this epoch of human history. Capitalist industrialism has for centuries ravaged inter-human relations. The main thrust of its critique has thus been one of humanism. Now, with the continuing oppression of humankind by humankind, our tragedy has a new, more ominous component; that of our ravaged planet. Global warming is a reality and we are witnessing the first era of our inadequate response as a species under a threat that is self-imposed. The latest troubling bellwether sign is the drastically revised forecast for an arctic ice free summer by 2013. This year’s retreat of sea ice will at least be comparable to last year’s record setting meltdown, if it, in the end, doesn’t end up surpassing it altogether.

What this means is that global warming is occurring faster than we anticipated. Original projections for an arctic sea ice free summer were set at 2070. An analysis you won’t hear on the mainstream media, but is the correct one nevertheless, is that capitalism is the culprit. In the wake of this historic melting at the north pole, capitalists are salivating because new oil and gas deposits will be exposed as a result of the retreat and can thus be profited from. This terrible expansion at all costs socio-pathic mind set of capitalism will be the death of our species ability to live on this remarkable life sustaining planet. It is for that reason that I encourage people to look to Joel Kovel’s theories about capitalism’s relationship to global warming by checking out “A Really Inconvenient Truth,” or by reading his book “The Enemy of Nature.” Ecosocialism as articulated by Kovel is a worthy ideal to consider for the troubled epoch of self-destruction we as inhabitants of the earth now find ourselves in the midst of.

C’mon, did you really think Al Gore was going to save us?


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