Muera Mickey Rat!

{Las mujeres, resistiendo / Disney is unfaithful!}

Despite economic hard times for most people and businesses in the United States, the tourism driven Disney corporation posted record profits. In spite of this – and really, as if it could be any other way – Disney sees it fit to cut health benefits to service employees at three of its major resort area hotels; Paradise Pier, The Grand Californian, and the Disneyland Hotel. This greed driven attack against a mostly Latina workforce is a terrible injustice. In response, Unite Here! Local 681 organized a march and rally that culminated in acts of civil disobedience that shut down Harbor Blvd for two hours in front of Disneyland. More than a thousand people showed up in solidarity and support! Take THAT Disney! Fuck you Mickey Mouse!

{The rally outside of Paradise Pier Hotel. Disney refers to its workers as “cast members” but in reality treats them as lower members of a caste}

{The line of marchers was so long, I felt like I was in Disneyland waiting to get on the Indiana Jones ride!}

{The demonstrators take Harbor Blvd in front of the Disneyland Entrance and shut it DOWN!}

{A sit down in one of the most important commercial intersections in Anaheim! Goofy can’t hold us back!}

{The Anaheim pigs started arresting protesters dressed as Disney characters. I’m contacting CAIR as we speak as Aladdin was clearly subjected to post 9-11 racial profiling. They said he was checking out Disneyland as a potential target! Oh and afterwards, we rallied for the release of our in character comrades. Free Huey! …and Dewey and Louie! Free the Ducktales 3!}


One response to “Muera Mickey Rat!

  1. JOKE and PIC Stealer! give me some credit.

    i’m mailing your blogs to all my peeps so please spell check yo’ shit, these are some classy ass Berkeley peeps.

    Awesome blog. i really enjoyed it. keep up the good work. power to the people

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