Victor Jara Murder Case Re-opened!

In an relieving update, Judge Fuentes re-opened investigations in the murder of legendary Chilean folk singer Victor Jara just weeks after declaring the case closed. Despite the conviction of retired Colonel Mario Manriquez, The Victor Jara Foundation, ran by his widow Joan, pressured the justice system in Chile to re-open the case to find ALL responsible parties for the death of iconic musician. Protests, petitions and new information gathered by the foundation and presented to Judge Fuentes ultimately forced him to reconsider his previous conclusions.  Fuentes will now have to review 40 new pieces of evidence gathered by the Jara family into the September 1973 torture and execution of Victor Jara in Estadio Chile in the days following the U.S. backed military coup of Salvador Allende’s radical democracy. Let us hope that the next update in this important and symbolic human rights abuse case is that of new arrests and final justice.  The family of Victor Jara, the country of Chile, and lovers of human rights all across the world deserve nothing less!


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