P.O.D’s Liberation Theology?

Southtown rockers P.O.D. reunited with their original guitarist Marcos Curiel and recently released a new album “When Angels and Serpents Dance.” The end of the Jesus-looking Truby era was reason enough to peak my interest in the new recording, but I was pleasantly surprised by the acoustic song “Tell Me Why,” on the album. Not only was this track a departure from the heavy rock riffs that usually characterize P.O.D’s sound but it also carried with it a very blatant anti-war message. The lyrical couplets are poetic enough to take aim at any war monger, but living in this nation at this time make them completely applicable to the criminal Bush gang. A dredless Sonny Sandoval sings:

A voice is unheard/ When it shouts from the hills/ Your king in his castle/ Never died on these fields/ There’s blood on you hands/ A smile on your face/ A wicked intention/ When there’s money to be made.

If that doesn’t scream Bush, I don’t know what does. For the religiously Christian minded P.O.D. this track is a bold step. They’ve usually been cordial in interviews around topics of religion and politics so as to not alienate any of their fan base; which consists of a very large, sometimes conservative, Christian youth following. Youtube comments on videos for this song already have some fans trying to explain away the song’s meaning. For me, I’m glad that the San Diego-based all people of color band came out loud and clear. In a projectionist sense, I wonder if they have embraced a more liberation theology stance towards their religious orientation! One can only hope so. In the meantime, we have another anti-war song from a mainstream band who sings a chorus of questioning!

Tell me why? /Why must we fight? /And why must we kill in the name/ Of what we think is right?/ No more! no war! / Cause how do you know?

If I happen to see Sonny Sandoval one of these days, I will thank him for “Tell Me Why,” and give him a copy of Gustavo Gutierrez’s work! If that happens, maybe we will get more socio-spiritual songs from P.O.D. Tell me why NOT!


One response to “P.O.D’s Liberation Theology?

  1. From a Christian fan of P.O.D., I agree with your opinion of “Tell Me Why”. I was also glad to hear such an obvious questioning of our current situation by a band like P.O.D. In a day of musical mush, especially in “retail” Christianity, this is much needed.

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