siteSTAGE with Pilar Diaz

On April 5th I had the pleasure of seeing former Los Abandoned frontwoman Pilar Diaz give an intimate three song performance at Site LA in Silverlake. The show was the inauguration of a concept known as siteStage where musicians perform short sets that are videotaped for web broadcast and distribution. Pilar, or Lady P as you may have known her before, baptized the project as she sang some of her latest solo works. The show began with a gameboy/rudeboy version of “Friday the 13th” which was, as we hip hop heads would say, a banger! The slick groove jam “El Otro Yo,” followed and Pilar ended the afternoon set with “Perdido.” I had a nice existential moment during “Perdido,” which is an emotionally piercing song, as the sun shone through the high windows of siteStage to only illume me as if to say I had been found! Speaking of finding me, Pilar asked me to interview her for the youtube video of her performance to which I readily accepted. In the siteStage youtube video, Pilar is indeed responding to my questions, but I’ve been cut out! So try and “find” me in the video. (Hint: some chuckles and quick shots of my black long sleeve shirt! ha ha)

See Pilar Diaz’s complete siteStage performance


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