Helter Smelter: Asarco Pollutes El Paso

In May’s edition of Zmagazine, I published an article on the people’s struggle against copper smelting giant Asarco in El Paso. As the article notes, the TCEQ’s granting of an air permit to the plant paves the way for it to re-open. Should Asarco be allowed to once more belch its chemical laden pollutants into the air of El Paso, the residents would be once more subjected to the company’s callous lack of concern.

The publication of “Helter Smelter,” comes on the heels of the EPA announcing its desire to have stricter airborne lead standards. There are critics who assail the standards being proposed by saying they do not go far enough. Their critique adds another plane of understanding in terms of placing the true meaning of the re-opening of Asarco in its proper context.

I can’t count the number of times I have spoken of El Paso with great reverence only to have my comments rebuked by friends with the common refrain, “But I drove through there once and it just looked dirty.” It is in this response that I hope you will find the time to read my article (linked below) to learn about who has been dirrrtying things up there for decades in the first place:



One response to “Helter Smelter: Asarco Pollutes El Paso

  1. The Corpus Christi Asarco Bankruptcy court has been ignoring the illegal toxic waste handled and burned by ASARCO. Lately a lot of news has been coming out about lead (Pb) in El Paso again; and, that the TCEQ hasn’t been doing its job. But, the fact is that we have written evidence that both the EPA and the TCEQ (and NMED) are concealing the TOXIC Waste that is here.

    It is in our water. It is time for the community to begin to talk about it and not keep it secret — and, to demand PCB test results/DIOXIN test results be released — and, for honest testing and disclosure of all the toxic waste that is here from that horrible near-decade of TOXIC-waste handling/incineration.

    We are tired of the Toxic waste being ignored. Tired of Lead (Pb) being talked about but no independent-medical-review available for the region (OIG state dept. report 3/2005) to ensure that we have accurate honest blood lead results. Tired of being an environment and climate-justice sacrifice zone.

    The ASARCO permitting process was a sham (a fraud). The Bankruptcy proceedings are a fraud. It is time for the truth. Will the EPA give us the truth, when we know that they participated in the fraud? I doubt it. Will our elected officials go after full-disclosure of the toxic waste or will they try for something more politically expedient?

    The waste is going nowhere. It is here. It is time to start over, with the truth.

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