L.ast S.upper D+lirium

On a sunny, beautiful day in Long Beach, I decided to hit up the Museum of Latin American Art. I hadn’t been there since my friend got married in the sculpture gardens of the museum back in June 2006. (Which should I ever get married would be a spot of serious consideration) The Museum has undergone major renovations since that time, and I wanted to see what was up. To my surprise, they had an exhibit of the Brazilian artist Walter Goldfarb called “D+lirium.” One particular section, The Lysergic Garden, made the trip out to Molaa well worth it. Featuring large canvases of psychedelic LSD inspired paintings took me over the edge! I’m an avowed Doors head, and generally love all artistic expressions of psychedelia. D+lirium was no different with its distorted religious iconography such as the Last Supper portrait above. I interpreted allusions to mushrooms in the painting of the supper table. Either I’m right, or I’m in my own little world of delirium…

After I walked through Goldfarb’s masterworks, I returned to the sculpture garden where I had last been a year and a half ago. Whereas D+lirium was an artistic premeditation on distorted forms of the earth’s beauty, my friend Bianka took the above picture that speaks for itself in its unintended splendor.

And of course, Molaa, whose importance my brother constantly extols as one of the few, perhaps only, museums in this country dedicated solely to the Latin American experience, has an excellent permanent exhibit. Artists from Mexico, Central and South America have pieces that in different ways seek to interpret the melodramatic immensity that is Latin America. Themes of identity such as the region’s rich Afro-Latino heritage are richly displayed. So with the current D+lirium exhibit, permanent pieces, and the sculpture garden, it’s definitely worth spending some leisurely time at Long Beach’s Museum of Latin America Art.

(Madd photo props to Bianka!!!)


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