Tricky Dick’s Museum of Jowls!

(Nixon or Bust? Or Bust Nixon?)

Over the course of a long and relaxing vacation from work, I had the opportunity to fulfill a perverted fantasy of mine; I visited the Richard Milhouse Nixon Presidential Museum and Library in Yorba Linda, California. The OC – born former Republican President is buried within the compound and the museum features exhibits about his political career as well the preserved house where lil’ tricky dick was born and raised in. For the longest time I had wanted to visit the Nixon Museum out of a strange political fascination. I, of course, am by no means an admirer of Nixon’s ideals, but I have a certain respect for him being a worthy adversary. Had I been around during the time of his administration, Nixon would have certainly embodied the antithesis of my political viewpoints and he would have done so extremely well. Who doesn’t love a good rival?

Speaking of Nixon’s ideals, I saw many young children with pads and pens jotting down information from the museum’s exhibits. Unfortunately, the library presents a hagiography as Nixon is lauded for his congressional support of the Taft-Hartley Act, the House Committee on Un-American Activities, and for his presidential “peacemaking” for “democracy.” Fortunately, I have provided a satirical antidote. Conservative readers beware; the following will be fiendishly blasphemous to you!

Nixon’s Little House of Horrors!

The Infamous Nixon Getaway Chopper!

Where Nixon and Kissinger did their best evil scheming; the Lincoln Lounge next to the fireplace of Lincoln Logs!

Watergate Scandal Exhibit Undergoing “Remodeling”

“You Don’t Have Nixon to Kick Around Anymore”


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