Una Noche de Milagros!

On December, 1st, the Breath of Fire Latina Theater Ensemble held its first annual fund raiser “Una Noche de Milagros,” at SolArt Gallery Cafe in Santa Ana. The night featured tequila, the Mexican, and the amazing music of Lysa Flores and her band. The night was a great success and everyone had good times helping out what the OC Weekly called, “The Best New Theater Troupe” of Orange County in 2007! Rest assured, “Una Noche de Milagros,” is a sign things to come from Breath of Fire in 2008!

Arriba, Abajo, al Centro, y Adentro!

How do you keep a gallery full of Latinos entertained? Offer ten different bottles of tequila at the bar! Among the selection were Cava Antigua Blanco Tequila, Herradura Tequila Anejo and Gran Centenario Resposado Tequila. And yes, by the end of the night, not a single drop was left…


Fresh off his reconquista of KFI’s airwaves, the Mexican spoke to the crowd about various tequilas offered at the bar and gave everyone a background history of the drink. After giving people free shots on him, the Mexican later proved his machismo by downing tequila straight from the bottle. Good job getting everyone all pedo!

The rest of the night belonged to Lysa Flores who graced us with her beautiful voice and alternative Chicana rock! For longtime fans, Flores sang old favorites such as “Beg, Borrow, and Steal” as well as new jams from her upcoming album “Immigrant Daughter,” such as “Zapata Western.” She was joined onstage by Alfredo Ortiz, drummer for the Beastie Boys, and Marco Renteria, touring bassist with Jaguares. The talented trio floored the crowd with two amazing sets. People really took notice when Flores displayed her vocal supremacy with a guitarmony at the end of “Birthday.” After that, everyone as like “dayum!” If there were people in the crowd who didn’t know of Lysa Flores before the night, she definitely won them over as new fans by the night’s end.

Cumbias blared out as the night came to a close. The remaining folks danced the last hours of the event away. Well over a hundred people were on hand to lend support to the future of Breath of Fire. By the time of the Theater company’s second annual fund raiser, another successful year will be behind it. If you missed this event, do yourself a favor and don’t miss any of the upcoming Breath of Fire productions in the new year!


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