Noche de Altares


El Centro Cultural de Mexico in conjunction with Calacas presented the 5th annual Noche de Altares celebration last night in Santa Ana. Vendors, musicians, and artists came together in Santa Ana’s Fiesta Marketplace to mark Dia de los Muertos, or Day of the Dead. Originally a month long celebration of the indigenous peoples of Mexico, Day of the Dead views death as just another stage in the experience of life. The ritual has combined elements of Spanish Catholicism as such is the history of the Americas, but Day of the Dead is still a deeply rooted indigenous tradition. Altars are constructed in honor of beloved ones who have died. Offerings, such as the deceased person’s favorite food, drink, etc, are made. Last night’s event featured so many amazing altars and the Fiesta Marketplace was so packed, that props must be given to the planning committee of the event; Rudy, Jackie & Gabriel Cordova, Bejamin Vazquez, Carolina Vilchis, Andrea Ramirez, and Yenni Diaz. Good shit mi gente!

Altar dedicated to the great Mexican painter Frida Kahlo


Altar dedicated to Jesus Suarez del Solar; an undocumented soldier killed in Iraq


Performance stage; Danza Azteca by Chichimeca Xiuhcoatl

Good times; good friends, I can’t wait until next year’s Noche de Altares!


One response to “Noche de Altares

  1. Thanks for noticing all the hard work! It was an event for the GENTE, and I believe that’s what we achieved. Thanks for your support!!

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