Los Disbanded

I confess! I knew it was coming, but I was in denial! The band I have seen live more times in the past two years than any other band gave their final show this past Sunday. Tar Fest 07 at the La Brea Tar Pits was the scene. Los Abandoned was the band. The loyalists showed up for a final and energetic farewell. Los Abandoned hearts were thrown on stage as well as flowers (None so fitting a time as when they ended with their rock cover of Selena’s “Como la Flor.”) Lady P was emotional, and many of the band’s dedicated base of fans were fighting back tears as they enjoyed the music of their favorite group one last time. If you missed it, shame on you! But fret not, my dear blog readers. I am a man of sympathy. The following are a few pictures of the concert snapped by the homegirl Bianka and her vastly superior digital camera.

“Conquistarte Bien,” for the last time…

Lady P calling out to the audience

Dulce drummin’ on a solo

And the final farewell…

2 Los Abandoned: Thanx for all the music over the years!!!


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